1991 Ballpark Bond Election

History Repeats Itself

We recently obtained a copy of a flyer from 1990, promoting a very similar ballpark deal, as what we are facing today in 2016. This flyer was for a bond election, held January 19th, 1991.  The similarities are stunning. The promises are typical. They even stayed with the same slogan of "Keeping the Rangers", almost 2 decades ago. This bond election was for financing to build our current Globe Life Park, which was completed in 1994. 

To view the 1990 flyer in its entirety, CLICK HERE.  (PDF file will open in a new browser window) 

“We don’t need to have all of these answers today,” Davis, co-chairman and managing partner of the Rangers, said in a statement regarding the plans to "repurpose" Globe Life Park.

“Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it,” said a really smart guy, a really long time ago.

Remember when we were promised a River Walk to go along with our ballpark? (see the 1990 flyer) Remember when the Rangers pinky swore to not demolish Globe Life Park, but our City Council refused to amend the Master Agreement to that affect because according to the Mayor, "that's a business decision they'll have to make."?

Just remember - If it's not in the Master Agreement, any promises made by ANYBODY on what will happen to our current ballpark is just fluff and hot air.  And by the looks of this flyer, it's been done before. 

It's time to stand up to this blatant over-reach of taxation, to benefit private businesses in such a massive way. Please join Citizens for a Better Arlington, and VOTE NO, on November 8th.