Mayor Williams Trashes Voters, Says No Vote is Winning (Full Audio Below)


Nov. 1, 2016


****Says "[Voters] do not have the intelligence there to be able to translate that we're investing money in the entertainment district to make money."****


Citizens for a Better Arlington has obtained audio of Mayor Williams complaining about what early voting polls are showing and venting his frustration at voters for not accepting the deal proposed by the City Council.


In the audio, Williams admits, "We know that more 'no' people have voted than 'yes' people." He goes on to say that voters "do not have the intelligence there to be able to translate that we're investing money in the entertainment district to make money." He doubles down on the scare tactics, threatening that "a vote no almost definitely ensures your property taxes are going up or your services are going down." He refuses to accept the simple reality that Arlington voters have looked at this deal and aren't accepting what the Council is selling, stating instead, "[it] reminds you so much of how Dallas blew it on the Cowboys stadium, only this time it'll be the voters that blew it. It won't be the Mayor. It won't be the Council."

Williams is especially harsh toward Citizens for a Better Arlington, who have worked to educate voters on the details of this deal. He slams CBA as "mad", "misdirected", without jobs, even stating "you wouldn't leave your kids with them to babysit them..., but they are loud." Despite his support and overwhelming voter support for CBA's past successful initiative to eliminate wasteful and dangerous red light cameras, he characterizes CBA as a "rabid group of small people turning our city into something it shouldn't be."


Faith Bussey, President of Citizens for a Better Arlington, responded in a statement saying: "I am appalled that my Mayor would characterize voters, our supporters, and our team in this manner. Voters aren't buying the 'keep the Rangers' scare tactics because they know the Rangers' contract has over seven years left, and they aren't going anywhere. The Rangers have already broken ground on the Texas Live! project, which means they are invested in our community whether they get a new stadium or not."


Bussey continued, "Voters do not buy the 'no new taxes' lie because they can read the ballot language for themselves, which clearly states the ballot issue is approval of new taxes for a new project. The voters' rejection of this deal is not an indication that they are stupid, as you suggest. They are rejecting it because the Council failed to look out for our interests during the negotiation process and brought us the foulest deal in the nation. Make no mistake, if the voters reject this deal, the results will be squarely on the Mayor's and Council's shoulders for not having been truthful and transparent, and for not governing with a view toward the best interest of all Arlington residents."


On a personal note, she added, "Through the years, my husband and I have volunteered in the church nursery, taught Sunday School, directed an AWANA club, organized and led a homeschool co-op with over 100 children attending weekly, babysat for families including some who couldn't afford to pay me for my time but needed the help, dropped everything to help families being torn apart by divorce or Child Protective Services, and more. Bottom line: People trust us with their children.


As for the rest of our volunteers, we have loving parents and grandparents, local church volunteers, Sunday School teachers, mentors training up the next generation, a former high school athletic director, a local charter school founder, a leader in a national Christian girl's organization, a registered nurse, Boy Scout leaders, many veterans and on and on. Bottom line: People across the city trust our volunteers with their children, and we are hard working people.


You attack us personally because you disagree with us. This "rabid group of small people turning our city into something it shouldn't be" is the same group of people who defeated red light cameras. You, sir, were happy to join our "naysayer" cause when it benefited you. In fact, you included our cause in your mayoral campaign platform and even issued a mailer in support of our "Citizens Against Virtually Everything" cause to ban them.


You said we "don't have jobs," "are mad," and "misdirected." You base all of this on what? On the fact that we disagree with you? You couldn't be more wrong about us. We have jobs. We volunteer our time. We love this City just as much as you do. We just have different ideas on how things should be done.

Mayor Williams, you owe me, every voter, and every volunteer an apology."





10/13/16 - Arlington, TX - Save Our Stadium is pleased to announce the following endorsements for a No Vote on Proposition 1:

The Tarrant County Republican Party

The Tarrant County Libertarian Party

Majority of Precinct Chairs in the Tarrant County Democratic Party

America's Party of Texas

Tarrant County Dallas Morning News Editorial Board

National Taxpayers Union - http://ballot-guide.webflow.io/texas

The nonpartisan nature of opposition to this deal should be noted. On its face, this deal is so bad that folks from every Party and walk of life have found common ground in telling our City leadership to go back to the drawing board and negotiate a better deal for Arlington taxpayers.


Meanwhile, the loudest voices speaking in favor of taking this deal as-is are the billionaires who stand to benefit from our tax dollars being used for their benefit and their cronies at City Hall. The Rangers owners, via the Yes PAC, have so far spent over $500,000 attempting to buy this election. Save Our Stadium believes voters are not going to be swayed by the high-paid Dallas consultants, glossy flyers, and the $1,500 worth of glow sticks, and our poll data continues to show that more voters oppose this deal than support it.


We can and will win this vote if every person opposed to this deal comes out to the polls and brings their No vote friends, family, and neighbors with them. This proposition will be at the top of the ballot before the Presidential candidate. Early voting starts October 24th and goes through November 4th. Election Day is November 8th.

Citizens For A Better Arlington - www.citizensforabetterarlington.com

Residents who wish to volunteer can go directly here: http://tinyurl.com/hldd3tb

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Andy Prior

Media Liaison

Save Our Stadium




10/4/16 - Arlington, TX - Citizens for a Better Arlington received notice from the Texas Ethics Commission on Saturday, Oct.1st, accepting jurisdiction on CBA's claim that the Vote Yes Keep the Rangers PAC has published false and misleading campaign material. Kelly Canon admits, "I am very pleased that we are finally moving forward on the merits of the actual complaint. When you read the complaint, you will see that this is really about violating the public's trust with questionable campaign tactics. Campaign principles matter."

Vote Yes has 25 days to respond from the date of the letter, Sept. 30th. We realize the resolution could potentially come after the election, but this complaint was filed on principle and needs to be investigated regardless.


The entire Vote Yes campaign is based on two very provable lies. First, the Rangers are NOT going anywhere on November 9th if we don't approve the new tax proposal on November 8th. They are under contractual obligation to play every home game in their current ballpark for the next seven seasons, and no one else is bidding to steal them from us.

Second, there are in fact NEW taxes being placed on this ballot. Our tax rate will go down as soon as the Cowboys stadium is paid off if we do not approve this measure. If the vote passes, our sales tax will go up again and stay that way for decades to come.


"We are seeing more and more that people are not buying in to the fear-mongering, which is why they have to keep coming out with new, shiny toys and pinky promises that aren't found in any contract and can be just as easily forgotten as the promises of Glory Park and the Arlington River Walk," said Faith Bussey, President of Citizens for a Better Arlington.


Explanation of attachments:


Actual Complaint: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0pKR9-CgHILRUUteTZHcFdZaU0/view?usp=drivesdk


Exhibits pkg: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0pKR9-CgHILRUUteTZHcFdZaU0/view?usp=drivesdk


TEC Response Letter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0pKR9-CgHILSzROT0QwOW9TUEE/view?usp=drivesdk


Due to the lack of polling data released by the KTR campaign yesterday, as previously promised, we are re-releasing recordings of their push polls and adding the conference call "poll" from Sun., Oct. 2nd, as well as information regarding outsiders coming into Arlington to make money off this campaign.

The Sunday conference call "poll" included outbound calls to Arlington residents, so they could "listen in". This fact was announced on the KTR FB page.


Time stamps for key points in conference call recording:

29:00 - Discussion of a lithium battery based mass transit concept for Arlington.

33:00 - Poll question referenced.

36:00 - Mayor Williams claims that the Rangers have committed to staying in Arlington "as long as we pass this election".


Despite claims that SoS is from outside Arlington, it is in fact Brian Mayes, KTR campaign manager, who is based in Sunnyvale and the firm the KTR campaign has selected to hire block-walkers is based out of Austin: http://ericbearse.com/about.html

MAYES MEDIA GROUP, LLC 312 Creekwood Dr Sunnyvale, TX 75182-2623 Dallas County


Furthermore, there isn't a single Rangers executive or member of the ownership group who lives in Arlington

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Andy Prior

Media Liaison

Save Our Stadium 214-734-4479


Tarrant County GOP Passes Resolution to Support Save Our Stadium Campaign


Thursday, September 8, 2016 - Tonight the Tarrant County Republican Party passed a resolution in opposition to Arlington's stadium deal which lends campaign support to help Save Our Stadium. The resolution was co-written by Citizens for a Better Arlington President Faith Bussey and Spokesperson Warren Norred. We want to thank the Tarrant County Republican Party and look forward to working with people from all over the political spectrum to defeat this proposition. Text of the resolution is included below:


Whereas, the 2016 Texas Republican Party Platform Preamble states: “We understand that our economic success depends upon free market principles;” and,


Whereas, the 2016 Texas Republican Party Platform Principles state that Texas Republicans believe in a “free enterprise society unencumbered by government interference or subsidies;” and,


Whereas, the 2016 Texas Republican Party Platform states “We encourage government to divest its ownership of all business that should be run in the private sector and allow the free market to prevail. We oppose all bailouts of domestic and foreign government entities, states and all businesses, public and private. We oppose local government handouts to businesses and other private entities in the name of economic development;” and,


Whereas, the 2016 Texas Republican Party Platform further states “We believe that the borrower truly is a slave to the lender, and so long as we continue to increase our tax and debt burdens we will never be a truly free people;” and,

Whereas, the Arlington City Council has voted to place a proposition entitled Proposition One on the November 8th, 2016 ballot which violates all the above, and further offends good government principals to be good stewards by allowing Globe Life Park to be demolished and replaced by a far more expensive and smaller stadium that will be funded primarily by more than $500 million dollars from taxpayers; and,


Whereas, Proposition One adds debt and taxes to private citizens and principally offends Republican core values and our platform,


Be It Therefore Resolved, the Tarrant County Republican Party opposes Proposition One as it will appear on the November 8th, 2016 ballot in the City of Arlington, and directs our County Party Chair to utilize reasonable Party resources to assist efforts to oppose this government handout.

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Keep the Rangers PAC Balks at Public Debate

8/31/16 Arlington, TX - Citizens for a Better Arlington is disappointed to learn that the "Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes" campaign has refused a significant opportunity for a debate and is choosing to keep undecided Arlington voters in the dark.

Recently, Citizens for a Better Arlington's “Save our Stadium, Vote No” campaign and the “Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes” campaign were invited to a local forum. “Save our Stadium” accepted and then learned that “Keep the Rangers” refused to participate unless they were able to approve the “Save our Stadium, Vote No” speaker and unless there was a promise of no recording the event. The “Save our Stadium” campaign agreed to participate in the forum anyway, despite the uneven playing field.


A few weeks ago, Citizens for a Better Arlington President, Faith Bussey, asked Mayor Jeff Williams where citizens could find answers to their questions about the stadium proposal or to hear both sides of the issue. Mayor Williams responded that he would give her a list. As of this press release, Citizens for a Better Arlington has not received this information. The “Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes” Facebook page continues to ban and block citizens who question the campaign's narrative. To date, Mayor and City Council, who are almost all board members for the Yes PAC, have not offered a single opportunity for Arlington citizens to hear both sides of the issue. The Vote Yes campaign, including the Mayor and City Council members, meet only with constituents who support the deal, sideline citizens with questions as "naysayers," and refuse legitimate opportunities to be transparent with citizens or offer concrete answers to the taxpayers of Arlington.

In an effort to increase transparency and to offer more voters an opportunity to hear both sides, Arlington Voice owner/editor, Zack Maxwell, suggested a debate moderated by well-known political professor, Dr. Allen Saxe. “Save our Stadium, Vote No” gladly agreed to the debate. However, the “Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes” campaign refused to debate our spokesperson, Warren Norred. “Save our Stadium” agreed to change speakers, but ultimately the “Keep the Rangers” campaign refused the offer to debate. Does the “Keep the Rangers” campaign not believe voters deserve a fair and balanced debate?

Citizens for a Better Arlington issues a challenge for a formal debate to Mayor Williams, the entire City Council, and anyone associated with the “Keep the Rangers, Vote Yes” campaign. Citizens for a Better Arlington will choose the speaker for the “Save our Stadium, Vote No” campaign, and the “Keep the Rangers” campaign will choose their speaker. Recording will not be restricted. Date, time, and location will be announced publicly as well as formally to the Mayor, City Council, and to the Keep the Rangers campaign. Give the citizens of Arlington honest, straightforward answers, from both sides of the issue, and let the voters decide if this stadium is best for our city.

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8/5/16 - Arlington, TX


Citizens for a Better Arlington PAC has filed a formal complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission against the City of Arlington, Texas (Mayor & Council) and the "Vote Yes! Keep the Rangers PAC".


The complaint alleges violations of State Local Government Code 334.025 entitled "FALSE AND MISLEADING CAMPAIGN MATERIAL" and State Election Code § 52.072(e)(1) (failing to provide the amount of bonds sought to be authorized on the ballot proposition).


On Tuesday evening, August 2nd, 2016, The City of Arlington Mayor and Council voted unanimously to place “Proposition No 1” on the ballot for the November 8th, 2016 election.


In accordance with Local Gov't Code § 334.025(c), which allows individuals to file complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission and in accordance with Chapter 571 of the Gov't Code, Citizens for A Better Arlington member Kelly Canon filed the complaint earlier today. The complaint against a) the City of Arlington, Texas and b) the "Vote Yes! Keep The Rangers PAC" is for violation of Local Gov't Code § 334.025 (prohibiting false and misleading campaign materials) and Election Code § 52.072(e)(1) (failing to provide the amount of bonds sought to be authorized).


We urge the City of Arlington to correct their intended ballot language before going forward with adoption of their current version with the 2nd reading of this ordinance, which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 9th.

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Copy of Filed Complaint attached (PDF file)
Copy of Exhibits “A” through “I” attached (PDF File)